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Importers of High Grade Japanese Koi - Koiplus

Importers of High Grade Japanese Koi



NND Sanke


Ikarashi Kohaku
Saito Asagi
Yagenji Showa





CLOSING DOWN 31st August

Last Weekend!

All Stock must go!

Econo Bead 60 complete with By Pass Kit and Blower


We have a number or PUMPS, UV's and AIR PUMPS that have been used on our systems but are still in good working order.

If you are planning a visit to buy please be aware

We will have no card machine from Friday 

Cash Sales Only


We still have from our home ponds



1.5Mtr x 1.5Mtr x 32"deep 2" Bottom Drain











Our new stock of Oase Pump, filters and Pond Vacs have now arrived ready for the new Season 

all at competative prices, please ring for the best price on all stock



We also supply dry goods and have a large stock of Pond liners all with a life time guarantee, Aquamax Eco pond pumps the latest Filters & Pre-Filters which include



Nexus Eazy 220 & 320 Polygeyser
Kockney Koi Black Boxes Multibays
Cetus Sieves Ultra Sieve 111
Econo Bead Multi-Cyclone
Polypipe Rubber connections
Pond treatments UV's
Heaters Pipes & Fittings


We have a wide Selection of food available including :


NT Lab Medikoi Hikari & Saki Hikari
Medicarp Yamato Nishiki
Nishikoi Koyoshi 









Latest Products

Oase Biosmart Set 7000

Oase Biosmart Set 7000

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Oase Biosmart Set 14000

Oase Biosmart Set 14000

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Oase Biosmart Set 20000

Oase Biosmart Set 20000

£500.00 £499.99



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